Welcome to the West Hudson Amateur Radio Club! WHARC was founded in 2021 to promote the art and science of amateur radio in the Hudson County, New Jersey towns of East Newark, Harrison, and Kearny as well as the surrounding communities.

Our members are licensed amateur radio operators, and people who wish to become licensed. They share a desire to learn more about ham radio, and the many activities that can be done within the hobby. As a club, we also seek to provide community service opportunities, fellowship, education and training for anyone who has an interest in radio.

Upcoming Events

  • Spring is here, and Field Day approaches

    Spring has arrived, and with it we have had plenty of rain and wild swings in temperature. Looking forward to things settling into some nicer weather! Our May and June Club meetings will mostly be about Field Day preparations. This is our first Field Day as a Club, so we are planning to make the…

  • Winter Field Day is on!!

    Snow or no snow, WHARC members will be setting up temporary stations in the VFW Hall and hanging antennas in the yard for Winter Field Day 2022. If you have an interest in ham radio, and would like to learn more about who we are and what we do, come on down and have a…

  • Winter (Field Day) is coming!

    Come out and meet members of the West Hudson Amateur Radio Club as we practice a cold weather setup in a temporary location to maintain our communication skills for potential emergency situations.

  • Do you know your phonetics?

    Some people are visual learners, and this may be helpful in learning the phonetic alphabet used on the air.

  • Hello world!

    Welcome to WHARC. This is our first post. A website delivered primarily over wires regarding a hobby primarily about being wireless. Readily available at wharc.org or wharc.net for your amusement.